What is an emotional support animal


Take the free 3-minute screening to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal – it’s completely anonymous, secure, and free


Once qualified, simply register your pet as an emotional support animal with TheraPetic


Once registered, simply print your personalized emotional support animal documentation for housing or travel

Your pet as an emotional support animal (ESA)

Increase Happiness
Increase Happiness
Levels of happiness increase when stress and anxiety are lowered. Disabilities and ailments are not always visible, so your pet may serve as a service animal to increase your level of happiness. TheraPetic makes it simple and fast for you to achieve happiness with your pet as a service animal.
Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money
You will be able to save time and money from not having to pay the extra fees related to living, such as the rental of an apartment or house, even paying boarding fees for your pet while you are away. TheraPetic saves you time and money by instantly providing all the documentation you need to always be with your pet.
Simple & Convenient
Simple & Convenient
Living and traveling with a pet is easier than ever. The process of having your pet registered as a psychological or emotional service animal is simple and convenient. TheraPetic makes it possible for you to instantly obtain the necessary documentation so you do not have to be away from your pet.
Trust & Security
Trust & Security
Life is too short, so there is no time to wait to obtain your documentation for an emotional support animal. TheraPetic is here to promote comfort and support you by keeping all your information confidential and secured. Plus, donating to TheraPetic saves the lives of other future pets from no-kill shelters!

Home & travel

Instantly Print Personalized Documentation for Housing and Travel Comfort
Rental Housing, Apartments, Hotels, Properties
To be in the comfort of your own home with your pet as an Emotional Support Animal, TheraPetic will issue a personalized letter from a licensed mental health professional, as required by federal law – Fair Housing Act of 1988 and Americans with Disabilities Act (Revised in 2008)
Air, Train, Taxi, Uber, Bus
To fly or travel with your pet as an Emotional Support Animal, TheraPetic will issue a personalized letter from a licensed mental health professional as required by federal laws and regulations – Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 and Dept of Transportation Regulations

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